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Touch and Lift Books             2-4 years
$ 19.95 rrp    12 pages    paper back   21x21 cm 
With touch and lift panels, bright images, and a braille trail
this is a delightful exploration of a child’s daily routine,
and companion to the books on play outside.
9781846438868   Getting Ready  BB
9781846439230   Off To The Beach BB
9781846435027   Off To The Park BB
My Tail’s Not Tired                 3-5 years
$ 12.95 rrp    32 pages    paper back   25x25 cm 
How can Little Monster go to bed when his tail is just not tired? 
When his knees have plenty of bounce left? 
Luckily Big Monster has a plan to get him ready for sleep.
9781846439865   My Tails Not Tired   - Jana Hunter
Quiet!                                    4-6 years
$ 12.95 rrp    32 pages    paper back   25x25 cm 
Hush - what can we hear when we are really quiet? 
How does sound match our daily routines?
Pictures with noise words everywhere........
9781846438882   Quiet     - Kate Alizadeh
Mooncakes                            5-8 years
$ 15.95 rrp    32 pages    paper back   23x27 cm 
Chinese Moon Festival has an ancient tale of a magical tree 
that can never be cut down, the Jade Rabbit who came to 
live on the moon, and one brave woman's journey 
to eternal life. 
9781459814318   Mooncakes - Jade Rabbit
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Moo and The Sleepy Secret   4-6 years
$ 17.95 rrp    24 pages    paper back   22x28 cm 
All her family have gone to bed, but Moo cannot fall asleep. 
So she hops out of bed and goes and asks her cat Ginger 
how she gets to sleep.  Well. Ginger ( like all cats ) knows 
the Sleepy Secret and shows Moo how it works......
9780995405905   Moo and the Sleepy Secret
Mac The Dog Man              2-6 years
$ 15.95 rrp    36 pages    paper back   20x25 cm 
Who’s that walking down the street?
Dogs of all sorts just love it when Mac the Dog Walking Man 
arrives and takes them down along the river to their 
favorite spots.  Based on a real person and real dogs....
9780994587008   Mac The Dog Man  - Elizabeth Vercoe
Ember and the Fire Sprite   5-7 years
$ 19.95 rrp    32 pages    paper back   17x26 cm 
Ember the dragon loves fire, and really wants to learn 
to write about fire safety. So the fire sprite shows him 
how to form his letters and helps him connect the 
idea of letters to the shape of words.
A lovely tale of confidence and learning.
9780995421004   Ember and The Fire Sprite
Captain Loose Tooth          5-8 years
$ 14.95 rrp    40 pages    paper back   23x28 cm 
Captain Loose Tooth is the meanest fiercest pirate and
he hates children - which is a bit of a nuisance when the 
crew is starving and they rescue Gus....
9780994273819   Captain Loose Tooth
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Books Are Awesome          5-8 years
$ 27.95 rrp    32 pages    hard back   23x28 cm 
Reading is a daring adventure - just think of all
the places you can read - and of all the things you
find out about, think about, and laugh about......
9781459813243   You Can Read
$27.95 rrp   32 pages   hard back   28x22 cm  
Period wants to write a story but can’t find the words, 
so his friends offer their help.  Question Mark asks around
and Exclamation Point finds some enthusiastic words
from an unexpected place. Now all Period needs is an idea. 
A funny story where the word formats match the grammar
and then the whole story comes together...
9780807587331   Where Are the Words? 
Where Are The Words?       6-9 years
$27.95 rrp   32 pages   hard back   27x22 cm  
A bear who feels like a bunny meets a bunny who feels like 
a bear, and the two teach each other about acceptance and 
being true to who you are.
A lovely tale about finding your own sense of self.....
9780807509388   Bunny Bear             - Andrea Loney
Bunny Bear                         6-9 years
Porcupine Picnic              5-8 years
$ 29.95 rrp    32 pages    hard back   28x23 cm 
Porcupine is organizing a picnic, and as each animal 
arrives we learn more about what they eat,
and then we read a bit about herbivore, omnivores,
and the slightly scary carnivores!!
9781467795197   Porcupine s Picnic - Who Eats What?
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$12.95 rrp   24 pages   paper back   23x23 cm  
What do people do for fun, what do they eat...???
Explore these countries in these big bright books.
Index, Contents, Photos & Charts.
9781512430110   Let's Explore Russia
9781512430134   Let's Explore China
9781512430158   Let's Explore Cuba
9781512430172   Let's Explore India
9781512430196   Let's Explore Japan
9781512430219   Let's Explore Mexico
Let’s Explore....                 4-6 years
$12.95 rrp   24 pages   paper back   23x23 cm  
Big photos of real people & festival, matched to simple 
clear text and critical thinking questions.
9781512429237   It's New Year's Day - January 
9781512414936   It's Chinese New Year - January
9781512429206   It's Valentine's Day - February
9781512429190   It's St. Patrick's Day - March
9781512429220   It's Easter - April
9781512429244   It's Cinco de Mayo - May
9781512414998   It's Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr - May
9781512415032   It's Hallloween - October
9781512429213   It's Diwali! - October
9781512415018   It's Thanksgiving - November
9781512414974   It's Hanukkah - December
9781512414950   It's Christmas - December
It’s A Holiday                       4-6 years
$29.95 rrp   32 pages   hard back   23x23 cm  
Using storybook format with child read-along, matched to 
parent more detailed text blocks, this series addresses 
common issues for the growing child,
9781634401777   I m A Lot of Sometimes - Identity
9781634401784   Middle Me - The Middle Child
9781634401791   Don’t Make Me Fly - Self Confidence
9781634401807   Worth The Wait - Self Esteem
Growing Up                        4-6 years
$27.95 rrp   32 pages   hard back   27x22 cm  
A little girl and her parents have lost their home and must 
live in a homeless shelter. Even worse, due to a common 
shelter policy, her dad must live in a separate men’s shelter. 
They meet at the park to play and be together 
They’re still a family even in times of separation.
A compassionate look at homelessness & refuge.
9780807577073   Still A Family         - Brenda Sturgis
Still A ( Homeless ) Family   6-9 years
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$27.95 rrp   32 pages   hard back   24x24 cm  
Children can experience many emotions when a parent is 
in prison. They may be angry, sad, lonely, or scared. 
Sometimes friends act differently toward them. 
Sometimes the children begin acting differently too.
Even when it feels like nothing can get better again, 
there are ways they can improve their circumstances. 
9780807512753   Far Apart Close in Heart - Becky Birtha
Far Apart ( Prison Parents ) 6-9 years
Hero Dogs                        5-8 years
$ 14.95 rrp    32 pages    paper back   19x26 cm 
Dogs play many more roles in our lives than just as pets.
Discover all about these working dogs - police & customs,
guard & scout, guide & assistance, hospital & school.
9781512431087   Hero Law Enforcement Dogs LB
9781512431094   Hero Military Dogs LB
9781512431100   Hero Service Dogs LB
9781512431117   Hero Therapy Dogs LB
5.95 rrp   32 pages   paper back   16x23 cm  
Using storybook format, each explores a science concept 
with bright illustrations. Each ends with a fact file, graphs, 
charts, and details of the latest research.
9781634401531   Blades of Green - Backyard Habitats
9781634401548   Don't Blow Your Top! - Inside Volcanoes
9781634401555   Ice Queen - Icebergs Glaciers
9781634401562   No Bones About It - Dinosaurs
9781634401579   Seed Power - How Plants Grow
9781634401586   Star Light Star Bright - Solar System
Imagine That ..!                 5-8 years
Words Are CATegorical      6-8 years
$12.95 rrp    32 pages     paper back    17x23 cm 
More Brian Cleary funny CAT rhyming stories that model 
parts of grammar and  English usage.
9781512434217   Chips Cheese Nana Knees - Alliteration
9781512417999   A Bat Cannot Bat - Homophones
9781575054179   A Mink A Fink A Skating - Nouns
9781512400885   Ful and Less - Suffixes
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Jackson Payne                7-11 years
$ 11.95 rrp    96 pages    paper back   13x20 cm 
Jackson Payne
Jackson Payne is back, and he is making a really special 
effort, but when you are as clumsy, as awesome, as confident 
in your abilities as Jackson - what can go wrong?
9780994469366   Erratically Epic!       - Adam Wallace
9780980828276   Accidentally Awesome! 
9780980828290   Blunderingly Brilliant! 
9780994469328   Clumsy Christmas! 
9780994469304   Disastrously Daring
$ 11.95     78 pages      paper back   13x19 cm 
Trading Cards - banned at school!,   Too Much Stuff - can 
magic help?  Getting Lost on a Field Trip - compass skills....
Funny stories that tease out seriously good attitudes.
9781459812116   Wild Cards - Jeff Szpirglas     
9781459801172   Messy Miranda
9781459807914   X Marks The Spot
9781554697878   Somethings Fishy
Orca Echoes                     6-8 years
Guinea Dog                      8-11 years
$ 12.95 rrp    160 pages    paper back   13x20 cm 
No Dogs Allowed - so Rufus gets a guinea pig.
But Fido is no ordinary GP - she barks, bites, eats 
homework and catches [ tiny ] frisbees.
And as the mystery unfolds, more weird guinea pigs,
( perfect matches for their owners though ), start to arrive.
9781606841532   #01 - Guinea Dog 
9781606845479   #02 - Guinea Dog 
9781512441475   #03 - Guinea Dog 
Code Busters Club        8-12 years
$ 12.95 rrp    180 pages     paper back    13x20 cm 
Using a mixture of sign language, semaphore, symbols and 
other patterns, these award winning books develop English 
and Maths skills - cleverly hidden in exciting junior mysteries.
The answers are in the back of each book too!!
9781606843901   #1 Secret of Skeleton Key
9781606844557   #2 Haunted Lighthouse
9781606845172   #3 Pirates Treasure 
9781512403060   #4 Mummies Curse
9781512441420   #5 Hunt for the Missing Spy 
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Mallory                             8-11 years
$ 12.95 rrp    160 pages    paper back   14x19 cm 
9781512434194   25-On The Road with Mallory PB
Mallory's family is headed to the Grand Canyon. Mallory is 
looking forward to the road trip until she finds out that her 
snobby cousin Kate will be coming along. Will she ruin 
Mallory's vacation? 
9781467709408 24-Change in the Air Mallory PB
The summer is off to a shaky start. Mallory's best friends and 
next-door neighbors are moving. Her other nearby friend will 
be gone the whole summer. And her cat, Cheeseburger, is 
sick! Will Mallory's bad luck turn around?
Mallory                             8-11 years
$ 12.95 rrp    160 pages    paper back   14x19 cm 
9781512434194   25 - On the Road with Mallory
9781467709408   24 - Change in the Air Mallory 
9781467709392   23 - Game Time Mallory 
9781467709385   22 - Mallory Baby Expert 
9781467709378   21 - Threes Company Mallory 
9781467709361   20 - Mallory Play it Again 
9781467709354   19 - Mallory Takes New York 
9781467709293   18 - Mallory Super Snoop 
9781467708630   17 - Oh Boy Mallory 
9781467702096   16 - Mallory’s Super Sleepover 
9780761352501   15 - Mallory’s Guide to Boys 
9780761339489   14 - Mallory In The Spotlight 
9780761339496   13 - Mallory Goes Green
9780761339472   12 - Happy New Year Mallory! 
9780761339465   11 - Red White Blue Mallory 
9781580138420   10 - Step Fourth Mallory! 
9781580138406   08 - Honestly Mallory 
9781580138413   09 - Campfire Mallory 
9780822590231   07 - Mallory on Board 
9780822565611   05 - In Business with Mallory 
9780822571339   06 - Heart to Heart Mallory 
9780822565024   04 - Happy Birthday Mallory 
9781575058634   03 - Mallory vs Max 
9781575058658   02 - Back to School Mallory 
9781575058313   01 - Mallory on the Move 
$14.95 rrp   32 pages   paper back   16x23 cm  
Using a narrative style, these books outline how each game 
is played, what the field or pitch looks like, the role(s) of the 
players, the basic rules, and how to be a team player.
9781634401357   Baseball - Start Smart Sports
9781634401364   Basketball - Start Smart Sports
9781634401371   Hockey (Ice)  - Start Smart Sports
9781634401388   Soccer - Start Smart Sports
9781634401395   Tennis - Start Smart Sports
9781634401401   Volleyball - Start Smart Sports
Start Smart Sports               5-8 years
Orca Footprints!
         9-12 years
$26.95 rrp  48 pages  hard back   22x25  cm 
Global books show how young people are getting involved 
in Green projects. Plus each book is full of facts, details on 
the processes, information on the economic impacts..
9781459809390   Lets Eat : Sustainable Food
9781459802193   Pedal It  :  Bicycles Changing The World 
9781459802216   Brilliant : Shining Sustainable Energy
9781459802230   Every Last Drop :  Bringing Clean Water
9781459804234   Down To Earth :  Kids Feed The Earth 
9781459806924   Talk Trash: Moving to a Zero Waste World
9781459807426   Take Shelter : Homes Around the World
9781459809604   Whats The Buzz: Keeping Bees In Flight
9781459809666   Pocket Change: Pitching for a Better World
9781459805828   Deep Roots: Trees Sustain Us
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$29.95 rrp   24 pages   hard back   20x25 cm  
Create eye catching miniature craft projects from everyday 
materials with no adult assistance needed.
Detailed step by step instructions.....
9781512426328   Mini Decorating HB
9781512426335   Mini Holiday Crafts HB
9781512426342   Mini Science Fun HB
9781512426359   Mini Wearables HB
Mini Makers......                7-10 years
A Refugee Journey...        10-14 years
$15.95 rrp    32 pages     paper back   20x25 cm 
Written from the child’s perspective, and following their 
journey, this series reveals the reason people must flee their 
homelands, and what they experience - maps, charts, data
9780778731290   ... from Afghanistan 
9780778731566   ... from The DR of Congo
9780778731573   ... from Iraq
9780778731849   ... from Syria 
$27.95 rrp   32 pages   hard back   21x26 cm  
She wasn’t afraid of their piercing eyes or razor-sharp
teeth. She dreamed of standing on the bottom of
the ocean and swimming with sharks.
Before Eugenie Clark’s groundbreaking research, most 
people thought sharks were vicious, blood-thirsty killers. 
After she became a scientist—an unexpected career path 
for a woman in the 1940s—she began taking research 
dives and training sharks, becoming “The Shark Lady.” 
9780807521878   Swimming With Sharks
- the Daring Discoveries of Eugenie Clark
Swimming with Sharks       5-8 years
$15.95 rrp   32 pages   paper back   18x24 cm  
9780778734222   Dolores Huerta - womens advocate
9780778734239   Jazz Jennings - LGBT spokesperson
9780778734246   Craig Kielburger - child rights advocate
9780778734253   Xiuhtezcatl Martinez - environment speaker
Excellent introduction biographies of significant game 
changers - their early lives, the hurdles overcome, 
the inspirations and impacts they make  - plus ideas 
for further study and discussion
Remarkable Lives - 2       8-12 years
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April Sinclair   PB             11-15 years
$ 14.95 rrp    174 pages     paper back    14x20 cm 
April’s journals give insight into her emotional life as she
struggles with middle school, adolescence and boyfriends.
Slightly sarcastic, certainly sassy, but honest.
This is why these are perfect middle school books 
- not too mature, but not too babyish ... 
* * * * 
9781512434200   Too Much Drama 6
9781512418002   Not What I Expected  5
9781467709446   Love or Something Like It  4
9781467709439   Truth and Kisses 3
9781467709422   Too Good To Be True 2
9781467709415   Can You Say Catastrophe 1
$23.95 rrp   256 pages   paper back   13x20 cm  
9780994248596   Merinda’s Mark - Diana Reynolds
Being a teenager, having claustrophobia, and having dreams 
about some-one from times long past can be a drag.
Then Meri and her friends find themselves entangled in crime 
and a corrupt land development, and strangely the dreams 
and the echoes of the past help her untangle the 
mystery and reveal her own heritage.
Merinda’s Mark             12-16 years
$29.95 rrp   208 pages   hard back   14x21 cm  
9781459811171   Dominion  - Shane Arbuthnott
Molly and her family collect the air spirits that power their 
world. But Molly senses the spirits and when she captures a 
spirit that can speak her entire life is upended. Molly will have 
to challenge the most powerful company in Terra Nova and 
find the courage to rescue her world from disaster.
...inventive steampunk meets physics story, and the start of 
many adventures of a clever, brave and compassionate girl
Molly Stout                   12-16 years
$29.95 rrp   208 pages   hard back   14x21 cm  
9781459812529   Drawn Away - Holly Bennett
One minute Jack is in Maths then he is is a dark misty world 
with a Hans Christian Andersen’s dead Little Match Girl. 
Each time he goes there she gets stronger and he weaker.
Is it just part of his diabetes, is his zoning out far more 
sinister, and why is it the weird Lucy has seen her too?
Holly Bennett                 12-16 years
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Elizabeth Briggs            14-YA Years
$27.95  rrp    260 pages     hard back    15x22 cm 
Elena and her friends changed the future when they came 
back from the chaotic first trip for Aether Corp, now they 
have to find a way to safely let knowledge from the future 
not create disastrous new futures.
9780807526842   Future Threat HB
9780807526828   Future Shock HB $27.95 rrp
9780807526804   Future Shock PB $17.95 rrp
$17.95 rrp   144 pages   paper back   14x19 cm  
9781459811027   He Who Dreams - Limelights
When John discovers Indigenous dance he is hooked,
but worries what his soccer mates will say, and whether
he will be able to juggle dance and sport and life..
9781459804289   Warm Up - focus anger into good dance
9781459807648   Shimmy - belly dance raises questions
Limelights - Dance           11-14 years
$17.95 rrp   144 pages   paper back   14x19 cm  
9781459809703   Strings Attached - Limelights
Brielle stepped into principle cello when her friend was 
injured, and she has grown in skill and confidence, 
but Tawni wants her place back .. what can she do?
9781459811089   Billboard Express - the price of fame??
9781459811119   High Note - opera star or best friends??
Limelights - Music           11-14 years
$17.95 rrp   352 pages   paper back   14x21 cm  
9781459814288   Capricious - Gabrielle Prendergast
A brooding boyfriend, a secret second boyfriend, 
a failed attempt to join the “popular” girl clique, a job in 
the car wash - somehow year 11 is going to bite back...
9781459802643   Audacious - PB
Wrong Hair, Wrong Body, Wrong Clothes, Wrong Attitude...
9781459802674   Capricious - HB  $26.95 rrp
9781459805309   Audacious - HB
Two powerful stories in verse format 
Prendergast                 15-YA years
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                                      fax: 03-9326 2413
$12.95 rrp   144 pages   paper back   12x18 cm  
9781459813274   A Dark Truth - Skinny Reads
When his skate buddy is beaten Riley learns that the 
color of your skin does affect how you are treated.
9781459814165   In Plain Sight - Skinny Reads
Megan has a passion for protest, but when she discovers 
her parents are convicted terrorists, she fears she is too.
9781459813724   Desert Slam - Skinny Reads
Discovering a car crash scam involving elderly drivers is 
one thing, getting the proof ( and surviving ) is another...
Orca Soundings                   16-YA
$12.95 rrp   144 pages   paper back   12x18 cm  
9781459813960   Quiz Queens - Skinny Reads
Can besties survive when shock results come from the
online date compatibility site? Should they make it up?.
9781459814387   Bullies Rule - Skinny Reads
What can happen when bullies are put together as
ambassadors for their school?  Should be fine .. RIGHT?
9781459813397   Food Freak - Skinny Reads
Dani’s dad is that mad guy with the anti-processed food street 
protest - it is soooo embarassing ( but maybe he is right? )
Orca Currents               14-18 years
$29.95 rrp   120 pages   paper back   15x23 cm  
Georgina is a young women living in Budapest at the start 
of WW2. This is her story as she, and her family, struggle 
to survive the Nazi oppression, the holocaust, and the 
post war Soviet brutal rule.  Illustrated with family 
photographs, and with extra historical and political 
information, this book gives a clear and intimate account 
of this period of European history.
9780992338930   Georgina - Holocaust Memoirs
Georgina                       16-YA years
$49.95 rrp   88 pages   library hard back   18x23 cm  
Style can be a flag we wave, a declaration of who we are. 
Discover awesome tips about understanding your body type 
using colors, shapes, patterns, and accessories. Learn how 
to build self-esteem by busting media myths about beauty 
standards and create your own fashion that makes you.
9781467785693   Find Your Style - Fashion
Your Style                       13-18 years
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A Refugee Journey...        8-11 years
$15.95 rrp    32 pages     paper back   20x25 cm 
Written from the child’s perspective, and following their 
journey, this series reveals the reason people must flee their 
homelands, and what they experience - maps, charts, data
9780778731290  ... from Afghanistan 
9780778731566  ... from The DR of Congo
9780778731573  ... from Iraq
9780778731849  ... from Syria 
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