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$ 24.95 rrp     32 pages      hard cover   28x24 cm 
Three different and thoughtful stories about families and 
how they connect and support, and enjoy each other.
Gentle rhyming text and connected pictures - suitable
for early readers and read to me fun.
9780994251749   Family Hugs
Michael Wagner                  4-7 years 
$ 14.95 rrp     160 pages      paper back   13x20 cm 
A naughty collection of twisted tales, odd ads,
questionable life lessons, and just plain wrong, wrong.....
Plus lots of cool stuff online for the “good” kids
           Michael Wagner & Illustrated by Wayne Bryant
9780994251763   So Wrong - Inappropriate - Book 2
9780994251756   So Wrong - Uncensored - Book 1
So Wrong  2                     8-13 years
Coming in October 
$ 27.95 rrp     64 pages      paper back   24x30 cm 
Twice the size of Australia, and the coldest, driest and 
windiest place on earth, yet home to an amazing
group of birds and animals, and a base for polar research.
This book of fabulous photos and chunks of text will 
inform and entertain young readers
9781742034188   The Big Book of Antarctica
Antarctica                          6-10 years
$ 12.95 rrp     24 pages      paper back   21x24 cm 
Introduces kids to Primary Sources and the skills needed 
to explore, and use these in history inquiry - how they
are evidence to support ideas of the past.
9780778730804   Be an Artifact Detective
9780778730811   Be a Diary Detective
9780778730934   Be a Photograph Detective
9780778730941   Be a Speech Detective
Document Detective             5-8 years
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$ 15.95 rrp     48 pages      paper back   21x26 cm 
Using real world scenarios to model good money skills,
and to explain finance concepts and approaches.
Budgets, planning, debt management and more.....
9780778731047   The Bottom Line: Money Basics
9780778731054   Doesn't Grow on Trees: Source of Income
9780778731061   Getting Money's Worth: Smart Choices
9780778731078   Money for Your Life: Invest in Future
Financial Literacy             10-15 years
Make a Wish List 
Studies show that writing down 
your goals makes them more likely 
to become reality. So start writing!
1.  Create a two-column chart. In 
the left-hand column, list all the 
things you want to do or buy 
that cost money. 
2.  In the right-hand column, note 
whether each item is a short-, 
medium-, or long-term goal.
3.  Use different colored 
highlighters or pens to label 
each item as low-, medium-,  
or high-priority. 
Focus on Finances
Thinking Ahead
Money management probably sounds very dull to you. You might think financial planning means you have 
to put all your money in the bank. It might make you fear that you’ll never have any cash for fun things like 
going to the movies or buying a new outfit. But that’s not what it’s all about. 
Financial planning simply means giving some thought to the things you want—
and the things you need—and coming up with a plan to get them. It means 
balancing spending money with saving money. It means knowing where your 
money comes from and where it goes. 
Financial planning is also about setting goals. Again, that might sound 
like a big bore. But what if one of your goals is to buy that new bike, or 
pull together a stash of spending money for your next family vacation,  
or treat yourself to a new laptop computer? By setting financial goals  
and thinking about how you spend your dollars, you’ll eventually be able 
to afford those big-ticket items.
The first step in reaching your financial goals is to figure out 
what they are. Start dreaming and make a wish list!
The items on your list will probably fall into 
three categories: 
Go for the Goal!
These are called short-term, medium-term, and long-term 
financial goals. A short-term goal might be to download 
a new app or game, buy a bottle of nail polish, or go 
to a movie with friends. A medium-term goal might be  
to get a new pair of shoes, a skateboard, or a fab  
birthday gift for your BFF. Long-term goals could include 
purchasing such things as a TV for your bedroom, a smart 
watch, or rock-climbing lessons. The sky’s the limit!
Now take a look at your wish list. Which items are the 
most important to you? If buying a TV is more important 
to you than going to the movies with your friends every 
week, make a note of that. It doesn’t mean you’ll never go 
the movies with your friends again. It simply means you’re 
starting to think about what matters to you. By skipping the 
occasional movie, you can bank a bit of extra cash to get 
you closer to buying that smart watch. 
The idea is to figure out which things matter to you most, 
and what choices you’re willing to make to get them. 
Remember, if you spend all your money as soon as you get 
it, you may never reach your medium- or long-term financial 
goals. Sure, it can be more fun now to blow your bucks 
on music, movies, or munchies than to bank them for use 
later. But if you save a portion of your weekly allowance and 
a bit of birthday money, you’ll be surprised at how quickly 
those dollars will add up to the purchase price of a phone, 
concert ticket, or that blingy thing that caught your eye.
1.  Things you can afford now 
with the money you have. 
2.  Small things that a few weeks’ 
allowance or a paycheck from 
your part-time job will cover. 
3.  Large things (like that bike) 
that you’ll have to save for. 
ul Ou
t There!
$ 16.95 rrp     270 pages      paper back   13x20 cm 
Ish has found, and read, a letter from his dead grandfather,
now he knows a secret that threatens to unravel his life.
He uses poetry to make sense of all this - just as in
the previous book - Dog Gone.
9781925572001   In The Dark 
9780980448450  Dog Gone  ( Avant Press )
Carole Poustie                12-15 years
Kristy Acevedo!
$18.95 rrp    280 pages     paper back    14x22 cm 
9781631630989   Contribute - Holo #2 - July 2017
9781631630583   Consider - Holo #1 - July 2016
Holograms from the future warn of a comet collision, 
but why does the only person able to choose have 
an anxiety disorder? And once in the perfect future 
world, why does it seem far to good to be true? 
Sci-Fi stress plus plus plus !!
Verdict - multiple copies .... School Library Journal
$ 18.95 rrp     312 pages      paper back   14x21 cm 
Finley is sixteen, talented, and really unsure of what she 
wants in life, and love, and whether she really is good at 
directing theatre. It comes to a head when movie stars, 
Emma and Harlan, move in across the road and Finley 
has to find the courage to step into the limelight....
9781635830026   Seeking Mansfield
Kate Watson                     12-16 years
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$ 14.95 rrp     32 pages      hard back   22x29 cm 
Twice the size of Australia, central to our weather, and 
under threat of mining and tourism, plus global warming.
This series give an introduction to the history, habitat, 
and the pressures on this isolated region.
9781442526327   Current Issues - Antarctica
9781442526297   Discovery - Antarctica
9781442526310   Land Ice and Living Things - Antarctica
9781442526303   Human Impacts - Antarctica
Antarctica [2010]              10-14 years
$ 14.95 rrp     32 pages      hard back   22x29 cm 
With timelines, glossary, and detailed index, this series
breaks our levels of government into understandable
parts, and profiles key people at each level.
9781442540576   Political Parties
9781442540583   Federal Government
9781442540590   State and Territory Government
9781442540606   Local Government
Government [2011]          10-14 years
$ 14.95 rrp     32 pages      hard back   22x29 cm 
Outstanding series that uses key language groups to profile 
the First Peoples of Australia. Each also profiles a key person 
from that group, some sample words, and significant cultural 
aspects - plus maps and glossary
9781740703666   Peoples of the East
9781740703673   Peoples of the West
9781740703680   Peoples of the North
9781740703697   Peoples of the South
9781740703703   Peoples of the Centre
Indigenous People [2008] 10-14 years
$ 14.95 rrp     48 pages      hard back   18x26 cm 
Using primary sources - documents, speeches, poems and 
articles, to illustrate the historical points and events, this 
series gives a snap shot view of Australian history.
Timeline, Index, and Glossary
9781740705981   World War 1 1914-1918 
9781740705998   The Great Depression 1929-1939 
9781740706001   World War 2 1939-1945 
9781740706018   Immigration Policy 1788-2009 
9781740703574   Whose Land 1770-2007
Eyewitness [2012]             10-14 years
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