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E-books are a waste of money - Report

The research follows a 2015 OECD report which found that investing in computers and iPads in schools fails to boost numeracy and literacy skills. The OECD report went even further, saying that frequent use of computers in schools was often associated with lower  results.

It coincides with the increased take up of e-books in Australian schools, with an estimated 34 per cent of schools purchasing e-books in 2015 compared to 28 per cent in 2013, according to The Australian and New Zealand School Library Survey.

There has been a knee jerk reaction ( and heavy marketing to suggest ) that all children prefer to read on screens and that has led to school libraries removing all paper books - but research says this is not the case, and that distraction, skim reading, the lack of tactile progress through a book, and the lack of commitment to the process of reading the book, all contribute to reduction in reading, and the reduction in literacy and numeracy skills.

Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge

Adam Wallace's Jackson Payne series has joined the booklist of the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge.

So far Accidentally Awesome9780980828276 and Blunderingly Brilliant - 9780980828290 have been listed, but I know the others  - Clumsy Christmas - 9780994469328 , Disastrously Daring - 9780994469304, and Erratically Epic - 9780994469366 will join them soon.

Invisible War

The Invisible War - 9780992587253 - has been included in the Children's Book Council of Australia 'Notables of 2017 list.  It is a graphic novel that describes life on the Front in World War 1 both from the point of view of the Australian Nursing Staff, and the microscopic battle in the human gut between our defences and the dysentry bacterium.

Ancient Australia

Ancient Australia Unearthed - 9780980594737 - is gaining accolades for the fresh images and photos, the original research into ancient sites and practices, and the clarity of the text. Ideal as a Year 7 textbook.

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